Preventing Stains from Red Wines on the Teeth

Preventing Stains from Red Wines on the Teeth

Preventing Stains from Red Wines on the TeethWine has long been a problem for those who prefer white smiles. The acid content in wine softens enamel and makes it more porous, which allows the tannins and other chromogens in wine to penetrate deep into the structure of the tooth. You do not have to avoid wine altogether to keep your teeth looking bright and beautiful. You just need to learn how to enjoy it in a slightly different way.

1. Sip smart – Instead of sipping directly out of your glass, consider using a wine straw. Wine straws allow the drink to bypass your teeth altogether, which minimizes the risk of staining. The tiny diameter ensures you will not overindulge but will instead sip slowly.

2. Pair with cheese – Cheese has teeth-strengthening calcium, but it also coats your teeth to help protect them from the staining power of your wine. Cheese can also help neutralize the acids found in the drink.

3. Stay clean – Use wine wipes to gently clean the wine film from your teeth. If you prefer to brush, wait about half an hour after your drink to avoid damaging acid-softened enamel.

4. Professional Whitening – You can also keep your teeth white while still indulging in your nightly glass of wine by trying professional teeth whitening. These teeth whitening treatments are more powerful than OTC treatments, and their results are long-lasting. Periodic touch-ups can help keep your teeth looking their brightest.

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