Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry Los Angeles

If dental drills are the bane of your existence, you may be excited to find out that you now have another option. Laser dentistry can be used in place of drills in many different applications to treat dental diseases, restore teeth, relieve pain, and speed procedures. Dr. Lozada, Los Angeles laser dentistry expert, can help you decide if dental lasers can be used in your dental treatment.

Laser Dentistry Los Angeles

Dr. Lozada, expert in laser dentistry in Los Angeles, can use dental lasers in dentistry in a variety of ways, including:

• Treating tooth decay
The decayed tissue can be quickly and effectively removed using dental lasers. The laser offers precise results and is less likely to affect healthy tissues as it prepares the tooth for the placement of the dental filling.

• Addressing gum disease
Gum disease is characterized by a bacterial infection that occurs below the gum line. A dental laser can be used to shape the gum tissue and kill the bacteria to improve the rate of healing.

• Performing biopsies
Lasers are used to remove oral lesions and perform biopsies. They can also be used to treat oral sores, such as herpes lesions, and canker sores, and speed healing.

• Whitening teeth
Lasers are often used in conjunction with powerful peroxide-based whitening gels to lighten the color of teeth and bleach stains.

Lasers act as cutting, heating, or curing instruments, but they are a form of light energy. They offer many benefits over traditional drills. They reduce the need for anesthesia, minimize bleeding, and can preserve more healthy tissue. Dr. Lozada, Los Angeles laser dentistry expert, can use them in a variety of ways to promote your dental health and combat dental disease. They can also be used in cosmetic dentistry applications to create a more luminous, attractive smile.

If you are a candidate for laser dentistry, Dr. Lozada will explain your treatment options and the pros and cons of your choices. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lozada, expert in laser dentistry in Los Angeles.