Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal Surgery Los Angeles
Healthy gum tissue is necessary for a healthy smile. Unfortunately, about half of all U.S. adults have some degree of periodontal disease. This common inflammatory condition often begins as gingivitis, but without treatment, it can progress to advanced periodontitis and lead to permanent damage in the gums and underlying bone tissue. Dr. Lozada, Los Angeles periodontal surgery expert, can help.

Gum disease is caused by oral bacteria. These bacteria live in oral plaque, which is constantly growing on your teeth. Plaque is removed by brushing and cleaning between teeth. If plaque is inadequately removed or bacteria are able to irritate gums due to other factors, gums can become inflamed and irritated. Gums may look red, swollen, or puffy. They might bleed easily especially when teeth are brushed or flossed.

Periodontal Surgeon Los Angeles

Periodontal disease in its earliest stages is usually treated non-surgically, but once it has reached more advanced stages, the damage cannot be reversed. Periodontal surgery is often needed to correct the damage and restore gum health. Dr. Lozada, Los Angeles periodontal surgeon, will work with you to create a treatment plan designed to restore health, increase the life expectancy of your teeth, and recreate a normal, healthy gum appearance.

Dr. Lozada, expert in periodontal surgery in Los Angeles, offers several surgical treatment options. These can include treatments to tighten loose periodontal tissues around the teeth, regenerate lost gum or bone tissue, and replace missing teeth. These procedures can be performed individually or may be combined to achieve specific goals. Patients may need a deep cleaning procedure called scaling and root planing before proceeding with periodontal surgery.

In some cases, periodontal surgery can also be performed for cosmetic purposes. If you have a gummy smile, Dr. Lozada, periodontal surgeon in Los Angeles, might recommend crown lengthening. This periodontal surgery is used to remove the excess tissue covering the crowns of your teeth to reveal more of your pearly whites and leave your smile glowing.

Regardless of the type of periodontal surgery you undergo, good dental habits are critical to ensuring its success. Brush and floss according to Dr. Lozada’s recommendations, and use any medications as prescribed. Good dental hygiene habits will also reduce your risk of future gum disease infections. Call us today to learn more about your gum disease treatment options or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lozada.